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Carnival of Homeschooling

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up - Liberty and Freedom

This week's Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Raising Real Men.

The carnival starts with:

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling!

Liberty, and especially the freedom to parent our children as we choose, is something that can’t ever be taken for granted. After hearing this week about a family in Spain being sentenced to jail for successfully homeschooling their child, it was a pleasure to see homeschoolers fighting for their rights in Illinois. Dave  at Home School Dad is rejoicing It’s done! It’s done! The home schoolers won! After all, the research proves Homeschooling Works! as Barbara Frank of Cardamom Publishers says at Barbara Frank Online.

Carnival of Homeschooling

We're back

Janine and I took the children on a three day / four night Carnival cruise.  We just returned last night.  We spent a day at Catalina Island, a day at Ensenada and a day out at sea.  We had a great time. 

Now I need to catch up on dozens of items.

(One of the best parts of coming back was being able to read a week's worth of comics in one setting.)

A reason to always encrypt your smartphone

Why you should always encrypt your smartphone has some interesting thoughts:

Last week, California's Supreme Court reached a controversial 5-2 decision in People v. Diaz (PDF), holding that police officers may lawfully search mobile phones found on arrested individuals' persons without first obtaining a search warrant. The court reasoned that mobile phones, like cigarette packs and wallets, fall under the search incident to arrest exception to the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution.

California's opinion in Diaz is the latest of several recent court rulings upholding warrantless searches of mobile phones incident to arrest. While this precedent is troubling for civil liberties, it's not a death knell for mobile phone privacy. If you follow a few basic guidelines, you can protect your mobile device from unreasonable search and seizure, even in the event of arrest. In this article, we will discuss the rationale for allowing police to conduct warrantless searches of arrestees, your right to remain silent during police interrogation, and the state of mobile phone security.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)

Do you live near Santa Ana, California?

Aoide-Melete-Mneme is organizing a homeschooling TED event in Santa Ana, California on August 6, 2011.  Go here for more information.

Federal Government spending is not helping education

Andrew Coulson recently gave testimoney at the US House of Representatives.  The Impact of Federal Involvement in America's Classrooms is the text of his testimony.

The graphs show that all the involvement by the federal government has not improved education in America.  Something you might share with your friends who call for more federal government programs.