A cool thing about homeschooling: Doing schooling part time

There is a lot of moaning and groaning in our neighborhood today.  Public schools opened today in our local school district and children returned back to the classroom.  It is sad.  Summer is still going strong.  The weather is practically perfect. 

It seems like when I was in public schools, school always started early in September. 

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is flexibility.  We are transitioning our children in steps.  For the last couple weeks our children have been blissfully reading and hanging out with their friends.  Today we started doing school part time.  They are only doing a partial load.  If they are focused they can get everything down in about three hours.  Because they get distracted it often takes closer to four hours.

The plan is for them to spend a 110 minutes doing academic activities.  They also are responsible for house work and yard work.  We expect this to take about 70 minutes..  Spring cleaning has gone on all through the summer.  We've had them sort the silverware drawer, organize the garage and so on.  Most of the yard work has been planting a garden and maintaining it.

We've had a bit of grumbling as we started doing part time, both on the part of our children and on the parents.  But I expect that overall everyone will be happier that full time school doesn't start for another couple weeks.