Do you think these children are homeschooled?

A good friend sent me a link to These teenagers are trying to take my job.

The article starts with:

While attending the 2011 Fall Demo conference in Santa Clara, I was startled by the sight of a young man helping himself to coffee in between interviews with startup founders and venture capitalists in the conference Green Room. It’s my job to drink coffee and do interviews. What’s more, he was way better dressed than me. Feeling threatened, I went to tower over him in my four inch heels.

That young man was 12 year-old Vincent of The Intek, a Seattle-based tech blog created by three teenagers. Their “den mother” was always close behind, taking pictures the way moms tend to do, as the young men toured the conference hall and dug up stories. They had a great sense of who to talk to, and looked people in the eye as they shook hands.

And here is a video of the boys working:

New Project 3 from Venturebeat on Vimeo.

Think of the learning and growth they were experiencing as they interviewed company founders and asked questions about new products.

I think this is a good reminder that children can do a lot more than society expects.