Online education resources

My mother sent me the information bellow which is from the March 2011 Reader's Digest.


Did you know the following?
  • America’s top professors are putting their courses online.
  • The OpenCourseWare movement took off in the US when MIT began uploading classroom material without charge in 2002.
  • A Google search for free online education turns up over 320 million results.
The following are examples of two free online teachers and the URLs for their classes:
Marian C. Diamond, UC Berkeley, General Human Anatomy: The Human Brain and Muscular System at:
Richard Feyman, Cornell University, Law of Gravitation at:
Below are five of the best collections of free courses:
Academic Earth (
Browse lectures at such schools as Harvard, Stanford, and Yale; post questions and comments; see which lectures get A+ grades from fellow users.
The Einstein Knowledge Network (
Access to complete courses, including downloadable syllabuses and document, across more than 35 categories, from 100-plus university providers.
Khan Academy (
Khan is very wise man lecturing on hundreds of topics. Heavy emphasis on numbers and science. On YouTube, Khan is reaching 300,000 people a month.
Open Culture (
A smart guide to free audio books, language lessons, academic podcasts, classes, and intelligent video sites.
YouTube EDU (
The site’s sprawling academic collection features content from more than 300 college and universities from ten countries in seven languages.