Can only the privileged few homeschool?

Erin Gallagher has a short post about homeschooling. It is a pleasant column where she explores why people seem to take an automatic dislike to homeschooling. So far there are 137 comments on her post and about homeschooling.

The column starts with:

Homeschooling, like most things, is a personal decision each parent will make. Most families don't have the luxury of the option. Those who do should seriously consider it.

I struggle with the second sentence. I don’t see homeschooling as an option that only the privileged few get to do. Most of the people I know who homeschool are average people, with a few poor and a few rich thrown in. I don’t think it is a case that only a few people can homeschool.

Is homeschooling a luxury that only a few can afford?  Our experience has been that homeschooling is not expensive.  If a parent can be home with the children there is no reason why they can't homeschool.

I think there are a lot of people who recognize the value of homeschooling and are either scared by the unknown or are unwilling to make the sacrifice for their children.

It is scary to try something that is counter culture, that you may feel unqualified for and most of your support group won't support you in the endeavor.  The answer for this group is to learn more about homeschooling, try to find small babysteps to take and find a support group for homeschooling.

I don't have a good answer for the second group.  If parents believe that homeschooling is better for their children, but are not willing to make the effort, then I feel sorry for the children. 

If a parent can be home with the children, in general is there any reason why they can't homeschool?