Liftport, Frank Smith & Ben Stinnet

Earth space elevator would be very hard to build.  We still don’t have some of the needed materials, like carbon nanotubes.  They have decided to focus on a Lunar Space Elevator because it could be built with existing materials.  The lighter gravity and lack of atmosphere make the job much easier.  Frank showed a video of their proposal.  From L1 they drop a ribbon down to the moon and anchor it.  It would be on the earth side of the moon.  The plan is to have a long tether reaching towards earth.  L1 would be a storage location.  It would hold stuff headed for the Moon, or for the Earth.  They have a couple ideas for anchoring into the moon’s soil.  There would be dedicated climbers so they could get lunar soil.  The climbers would be solar powered.  This would make it easy to gather a lot of material from the moon.