Masten Space, Dave Masten

Dave showed a picture of their current rocket.  It is designed to fly to 100,000 feet.  They have had problem with landing.  They have done 88 tether flights in trying to understand the landing issues.  They are flying free now. 
They have developed a product they call Sensei.  It watched the software which is controlling the rocket.  If the other product makes a mistake Sensei takes over.
Masten Space is working on a couple business lines.  The first is high altitude rocket.  The second is on landing. 
He showed a picture of Zeus.  It is based on an idea of landing a rocket on landing on its side. 
It was a short presentation and then he took Q&A.
They have a couple buildings at Mojave.  One of the buildings is called The Stable, because that is where they keep the centaur.