Spaceworthy, Ed De Reyes, "Roadblocks To Licensing and Permitting: We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us"

Ed De Reyes is a consultant.  He will help with filing applications.  He said the FAA is not trying to stop people from flying, but to make sure rockets fly safely.  Ed encourage people to consider using people who have experience and know the FAA processes and know the people.  He says too often small rocket companies think they are better off not having experience with the FAA.  The best approach is to try and avoid problems.  Good to talk with the FAA early and often.   Don’t wait until the last minute.  Be prepared to answer a lot of questions and have a detailed plan.  Show you have a team in place.  Always tell the truth.  Good to ask, frequently, “What do you need for me?”  Good to be polite.