Speedup, Robert Steinke

He has been testing Laramie Rose, his lunar lander.  He has been working on the altitude control.  He has struggled with the position.  He showed a video.  They do testing inside the Frontier Astronautics missile silo.  He said it was great for winter testing.  The vehicle is physically capable of the landing. 
They did some testing to see if injecting cold water into decomposed 80% peroxide increased thrust.  The thought was the added mass might contribute, but the heat was soaked up by heating up the water.
He has developed a valve actuator.  He is selling it for $500. He can machine the parts to match physical needs.  He would like to make a double acting or spring return version of the value.  Hasn’t been able to find a solenoid rated for 3000 psi for less than $1000 each.