Unreasonable Rocket, Paul Breed

His son got married and moved to Seattle, so now Paul is all of Unreasonable Rockets. 
Paul started out saying everyone else gives presentations (at Space Access) but he likes to do Show and Tell. 
Paul listed the projects he worked on.  Paul lost sixty pounds.  He has a small 3D printed rocket.  He showed a number of objects he has developed.  He built a tank.  He made progress with sample resin.  He bought a 55 gallon drum and had trouble with the resin.  The resin company has stopped talking with him.
Lessons on recovery.  For testing recovery is very beneficial.  He said that less than 25% of the liquid rocket flights have recovery.  He spent a couple months trying to understand recovery better.
His long range plans is to combine his three projects and win the NASA Nanosat challenge.  Long, long term he would like to create a nanosat business.